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Anti clockwise wristwatch E157BUWSLA - Blue Dial Steel Strap Wrist Watch

By E157


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Blue Dial Steel Strap Wrist Watch


Product Description

Blue Dial Silver case, Round shape dial, Unisex Wrist Watch, white color Hour Hand and Minute Hand

Product Highlights

Not just a watch but a brain companion

We are not providing you with just another wrist watch but a brain companion that tackles your brain for a good reason and make it think a little extensively every ones you look for the time This will remind you about the path of uniqueness and extra ordiance that you have chosen to be on Keep on track and take your brain to the next level of thinking

Stunning looks state of the art design

Bringing you the unification of the original wrist watch fashion fusion with all new age stunning looks and our state of the art design that suits every look fashion and gender With all the fundamentals of the visual appearance we bet that this new watch will suit your wrist undoubtedly

Product Specifications

Product Code E157BUWSLA
Dial Siz or Dial Case size 38mm
Belt size 20mm
Case Thickness 4x4
Product Height 5 MM
Manufactured Brand New Manufactured in June 2018
Machine Anti clock wise wrist tatch
Movement Quartz
Case Shape Round Shape
Warranty 6 Months
Band Color Silver
Manufacturer E157

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